SuperCoin 1100 

The convenient Omni Avansa Super Coin 1100 coin counter counts, sorts and batches coins.

Thanks to the high speed (216 coins per minute) and the large loading tray (300 up to 500 coins) you can complete mashups with ease.

Moreover you can effortlessly prepare a bank deposit thanks to the adjustable batch function. Another convenient feature is the optional, attachable printer that prints a full break down of the coins counted. Ease-of-use and robust construction make this the perfect solution for any environment where coin sorting is necessary.

  • Counting Speed – 216 Coins / min
  • Net Weight – 3.5kg
  • Loading Tray Capacity – 300 -500 Coins
  • Individual Compartment Capacity – 100 Coins



  • Saves time and labour cost
  • Reduces losses due to human error
  • Anyone can use it
  • Counts and sorts 216 coins per minute
  • Hopper capacity of 300-500 coins
  • Add and batch function
  • Total value and quality per denomination
  • Auto stop when the coin tray is full
  • Quick and Easy to use