BlitzCount 2600

The robust and reliable AVANSA Blitz Count 2600 money counter offers a 3-point counterfeit detection system with fast and 100% accurate counting of your banknotes. This versatile money counter is suitable for all currencies.

This  money  counter  is  fast  (1, 000  notes  per  minute),  accurate,  easy-to-use  (simple  keypad control) and it adds and batches while counting. Additionally, this money counter incorporates an ultraviolet, magnetic and infra- red proofing system for detecting counterfeit currency. The Blitz Count uses an automatic dust removal system that keeps the unit clean and reduces maintenance and down time.

This counter is an indispensable aid for banks, supermarkets, movie theatres, retail locations and any other business environment were cash is transacted and counting / counterfeit controls are required.

  • Counting Speed – 1000 Note / Min
  • Net Weight – 7.5kg
  • Hopper Capacity – 300
  • Stacker Capacity - 200


  • Saves time and labor costs
  • Reduces losses due to human error
  • Anyone can use it
  • High speed - 1000 notes / minute
  • AVANSA’s 3 point counterfeit detection system (UV / MG / IR)
  • Counting, batching and adding functions
  • Incorporates the AVANSA dust removal system
  • Reliable and sturdy