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Omni Africa is a Titanium Partner of Sage and as such our sales, training and support for the Sage product range is unrivaled in the Southern Africa region. So if you want top notch accounting and payroll solutions then Omni Africa is for you.

Here are five common signs that your business is ready for a modern business management solution:

You're experiencing a lack of timely and reliable information, causing delays in decision- making.
Departments aren't able to share their information across the business, creating different versions of the truth.
Employees are spending too much time on administrative work and manual, low-value tasks.
You're experiencing too many errors and missing orders
You're customer service needs improvement.

We can offer you the right solution, suitable for a modern future for your business.


sage people 300

Sage 300 People

An Integrated Payroll, HR and Self Service system. This powerful, highly customisable solution takes care of HR and payroll, giving you more time to take care of business. In particular, it will suit companies seeking a natural migration path from legacy systems or wanting a system that will co-exist or integrate tightly with existing BMS or other applications.


Sage 300

Sage 300

To stay competitive in today’s global economy, you need more than simple financial accountability and compliance. Sage 300 contains the power and tools to help you see your business in a new way so you can improve productivity, envision success, and accelerate growth. Sage 300 connects your entire operation with a single, integrated solution that provides you with greater visibility, making it easier to share information and communicate.


Sage X3 People

Sage X3 People gives you the tools you need to achieve more efficiency, visibility and cost control over your HR processes. Empower your managers to improve business performance with unified HR and financial data, forecasting present and future costs while streamlining operations with automated workflows.


Sage X3

Sage X3 offers powerful functionality that can be configured to meet your unique way of doing business. Its flexible data model supports complex deployment and reporting structures, simplifying management across multiple facilities, companies or business units, regions and countries from a commonly installed instance of the solution.


Sage Evolution

Sage Evolution

Sage Evolution delivers an entire business management solution, that delivers enhanced efficiency, productivity and security to any business.


Sage Premier

Sage Premier Payroll & HR

With the VIP Premier Total Solution, you get all the tools you need to drive your business, in one power-packed, integrated package. Whether you’re in
the medium or large market, VIP Premier Total Solution gives you an easy-to-use yet a sophisticated solution that integrates your HR and payroll applications.



SkillsMap is a membership-based, complete end-to-end recruitment application that offers you direct access to top talent in Africa & abroad for exclusive positions within your company. Our discerning members are looking for careers that match their ambitions. They‘re the best and the brightest, and our role is to connect them with you.


Sage Partner Accounting & Payroll

Whether you have one employee or hundreds, our software makes running your HR and Payroll office simple. For the startup business out there that is looking for an easy, flexible and reliable Payroll and Accounting solution.


Sage HR and Payroll

We know that as your business grows, your HR and payroll requirements will evolve. Our dedicated team of expert consultants will guide you through the process to upgrade and customise your HR and payroll system and make sure that we meet all your needs. Our mission is to build your business confidence and help you achieve success, and we’ll be there with you, every step of the way.



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