Fibre is the newest, fastest and most exciting connectivity type out there. But there are a lot of names being thrown around. Fibre is the actual technology, which is named after the fibre optic cables that use light impulses to carry data instead of the electrical impulses transmitted on traditional ADSL copper cables.

The light bounces along thin glass fibre tubes at the speed of light, which makes it very, very fast. And since there are no copper cables, it’s also theft and weather proof. Fibre to the home (or FTTH) is the roll-out of the fibre cables to homes and small businesses.


Fibre Product Information

Business Fibre Uncapped. Uncontended. Synchronous. Guaranteed 99% Uptime.

Omni Fibre Benefits:-

  • The Benefits of Business Fibre:
  • Guaranteed 99% uptime, highly reliable connectivity
  • Uncapped Internet
  • Synchronous Internet (Upload and Download speeds are the same)
  • Secure Network
  • Fully customizable and tailored solutions. Dynamic and Flexible.
  • Upgradable Service Level Agreements
  • Easy upgrades which means your Internet grows with your business
  • Robust Network
  • Provides Business optimized Quality of Service
  • Temporary Wireless Link available whilst Fibre is being deployed. Wireless while you wait.
  • Receive Up to 13 public IP’s available on request (charges may apply, motivation required)