We provide proficient asset and business finance services that is straightforward, economical, and hassle-free financing solutions for businesses of all sizes – from entrepreneurs, to corporates, SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises) and more. We enable you to rent the equipment your business needs.

Our drive is to help you attain your business goals by financing your assets – from office equipment to specialized equipment. Unlike banks, we focus on understanding, considering, and including all the soft costs associated with your purchases – such as installation, maintenance, and training. And as a commercial financier for government, parastatals, multinational corporations, as well as public and private companies, we are focused on the overall future implications of your organization’s assets and equipment, too.


What is it that we are financing?

  • ICT Hardware and Software
  • Company Assets
  • Security equipment and technology

Why finance with us…

  • Enables you to expand and upgrade to the latest technology
  • We offer the best rates in the market
  • The best freedom to grow your business.
  • Guaranteed fastest payouts
  • Gives you the freedom to expand your business
  • Reliable and dependable finance relationship that you can trust.


Let’s get started

We will help you overcome your technology challenges.